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How Solar Pool Heaters Work
Heating your pool with solar energy is really quite simple.  Cold water is pumped from your pool through a solar panel design where it is warmed by heat collected from the sun.  The warm water is then pumped back into your pool giving luxuriously warm water and plenty of extended swim time.

In-Ground Pool Above-Ground Pool
  1. Set your desired water temperature.

  2. Sensor determines most efficient time to run.

  3. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through solar collects.

  4. Solar collectors heat the water.

  5. Warm, solar heated water flows back to your pool.

  1. Your filter pump send cold pool water through the solar panel.

  2. The solar panel transfer's the sun's heat to water inside the solar tubes

  3. Warm, solar-heated water flows back to your pool.