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Why Solar Hot Water?


  • Save Money

  • Reduce your energy costs

  • Financial incentives - The government is offering generous grants and tax credits which have made the cost of solar more affordable than ever – these incentives won’t  be offered indefinitely so go green without spending a lot of green!

  • Increase your Home’s Value - The #1 Home Improvement per American  Appraisal Institute

  • Free yourself from the worry of summer time electricity outages predicted by MEA as early as 2011

  • Buy tomorrow’s energy at today’s prices - Energy costs are expected to continue to increase 7-15 % annually.  Solar gives a fixed price for energy at today’s cost

  • Create Energy Security for your home and our Country:  solar energy is reliable energy with a stable supply and price

Why pay for energy that you can capture from the sun for FREE, year after year...